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It’s that time of year – the holiday season is upon us!  And in the tradition of Oprah, I thought I would put together a short blog of my favourite dog things.  These are the perfect gifts for that discerning dog guardian on your list!

My favourite leash and my favourite breed!

My favourite leash and my favourite breed!

First up – the leather leash with traffic handle, fondly referred to as the “oh shit” leash.   As you can see in the photo, for large dog guardians, this leash comes with a loop that lets you securely grab the leash closer to your dog, for those “oh shit” moments.  Leather is lovely on your hands – very grippy – and for us folks in the northern climates, a pair of leather gloves or grippy gloves from your local Mark’s Work Wearhouse will keep your hands warm and dry while allowing you to maintain your grip on your dog.  Our favourite “oh shit” leash supplier is Dog Sport Gear in Langley.



The leash has to attach to something – please put a collar or harness on your dog!  I LOVE the products from 2 Hound Design –

It's freedom for your arms!

It’s freedom for your arms!

most notably their Freedom Harness.  This super stylish, ultra adjustable harness has a chest attachment and a back attachment, providing you with the ultimate control and a gentle squeeze for your dog, which many dogs find comforting.  The best part about these harnesses is that the “armpit” strap is velvet covered, which reduces chafing.  No one likes uncomfortable pits!

No canine is complete without a stylish collar.  For those who have dogs with thick necks and small heads (me!), I like a nice cloth martingale that is durable and cute.  Again, 2 Hound Design saves the day – there are so many options when ordering a collar, that it takes me days of online shopping and debating to select just one (or two).  Width, patterns, lining, loops – your choices are endless.  Carmac and Shorty wear their collars hard – from swimming to digging to roughhousing, I have been pleased with how well the 2 Hound Design collars take abuse.  We enthusiastically give them 8 paws up at our house!

This is on Shorty's Christmas list - 15", satin lined please!

This is on Shorty’s Christmas list – 15″, satin lined please!

delicious & affordable

Delicious & Affordable

Your dog is dressed for a walk, how are you going to let him know when he has done a good job?  With a treat, of course!  Many of my students, as well as myself, favourite the Natural Balance Treat Roll – economical, sliceable into the size of treat you desire, and it comes in three tasty flavours.  Most canines find these moist treats very motivating and rewarding.  They are available at most pet stores.



Now, what holiday season is complete without the traditional calendar gift?  Who doesn’t get a calendar for the holidays?  I always do, and I often give them.  This is a great opportunity to support your local shelter or rescue organization so head on over there and see if they have calendars for sale.  Do you have a favourite breed?  Check with your local breed rescue organization to see what they have to offer – from pit bulls to Belgian Malinois, with a little research, I bet you will find something you like.

HugABull 2014 Calendar

HugABull 2014 Calendar – get your copy at Breakfast Club!

American Belgian Malinois Rescue 2014 calendar

American Belgian Malinois Rescue 2014 calendar








Contact Whistler Animals Galore for your hoodie!  Everyone needs a new hoodie.

Contact Whistler Animals Galore for your hoodie! Everyone needs a new hoodie.

Too technologically savvy to use a wall calendar!  Everyone needs a hoodie to stay warm – Whistler Animals Galore offer cozy and chic hoodies that are reasonably priced.  WAG takes in many special needs animals (both health and behavior) every year.  Carmac and Shorty both hail from the Whistler shelter, so when you are looking for a gift for your favourite mutt guardian, check out WAG!

As always, I recommend the gift of training – get your friend/cousin/coworker a gift certificate for a humane dog trainer.  Get them out and having fun with their dog – they’ll both thank you for it!

Have a safe and happy holiday season and please remember our four legged friends who are spending their holidays in the shelters this year.

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