Scent Detection Is Here!

I am very excited to be offering a new class, starting this spring – sport scent detection!  Scent detection can be done by any dog at any age – you just need a working nose!

Even Shorty loves scent detection!detection is a great activity for any type of dog – you just need a working nose!

I was introduced to scent detection when I took the Operant Conditioning Course at Logan Haus Kennels, in West Virginia.  There, scent detection is taught through free shaping and marker training – I participated in it with puppies as well as adult dogs, and when I brought Mulder home, we continued on with it because I needed more things for my Malinois puppy to do!  We now compete in the Sporting Detection Dogs Association trials and are working on our Excellent title this year.

Here are the class details:

Who: open to anyone who would like to learn sport scent detection with your dog.  I will be using SDDA odours.  Your dog must be up to date on vaccinations, and bonus points if you already use a marker (word or clicker) with your dog.  Reactive dogs are welcome as dogs are run one at a time and must be put up (crated or keep in car) between turns.

When: Sunday afternoons, at 5 p.m., starting on Sunday, April 23rd.

Where: Sarah’s farm – northeast of London, 10 minutes southwest of St. Marys – corner of Whalen Line and Elginfield Road.  (I will send exact address to class participants).

Cost: $100, including tax, for 4 classes.  Depending on number, drop in spots may be available.  If popular, I will consider adding this class on an additional evening.

Why: FUN!  It is something you can do pretty much anywhere – Mulder did scent detection at rest spots on our drive from British Columbia to Ontario.  We do scent detection in hotel rooms when traveling, grocery store parking lots, jungle gyms, picnic spots….. you are only limited by your imagination!

Searching a storage facility – super cool!

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