The Case Of The Poisoned Cue

Aka Sometimes It’s Easier To Train The Dog Than The Guardian As a dog trainer/ behavior consultant type, I hate poisoned cues.  I see them all the time in my clients’ dogs, and I wish people would think before they go about teaching their dogs a new cue – how are they teaching that cue?  […]

Extrinsic Vs Intrinsic Reinforcement

We all know a dog that just loves to bark – bark, bark, bark, bark, bark.  He or she does everything with a bark and a woof.  I will also admit that barking is my pet peeve – I don’t mind if dogs bark when someone comes to the door or if little Timmy fell […]

Classical Conditioning 101

I’ve often had people comment that I’m just distracting dogs with treats at class – really, is that all they think is going on?  It may look simple, but here’s the science behind it (and I’m not actually distracting the dogs with treats, I’m pairing the treats with a specific stimulus). Respondent conditioning, also referred […]

Operant Conditioning – The Positive and the Negative

I’m constantly asked by people “If I reward the good behavior and punish the bad behavior, won’t I get what I’m looking for quicker?”.  The answer is NO!  I know, it seems to throw rocks in the face of common sense, but when did learning theory become about common sense?  Check Your Morals at the […]