The Isolation of Behaviour Problems

Having a dog is supposed to do all sorts of wonderful things for us – reduce stress, increase exercise, increase social interactions, and generally make life better. But what happens when your dog has a behavior problem? We endlessly talk about managing behavior problems, where they may stem from, how to improve them, but we […]

Hazardous Howlidays

This time of year is typically slow for me – everyone is busy preparing for the holidays, and no one is thinking about their dogs’ behaviour problems.  We’re busy with presents, parties, concerts and planning for days off.  However, once Christmas passes, I tend to be inundated with requests for training because of bites over […]

The Summer of Bites

Anyone in any type of dog related activity will have recently had a newsfeed full of eye-popping headlines about dog attacks – after a string of injuries and 1 death involving alleged pit bulls, the powers that be are at it again, batting about breed specific legislation and why our four legged friends (specifically, those […]