New In Town

While it’s been a couple of months of settling in and updating the website, I’m pleased to announce the Bad Dogs Gone Good is up and going in southwestern Ontario. Who am I? I’m Sarah, a certified dog behavior consultant. I previously lived in on the west coast, and I come with a vast array […]

My Life with a Malinois -Sarah Dykes Dog Training

My Life with a Malinois

My name is Sarah, and I have a Belgian Malinois. If you had asked me 5 years ago if I would own a Malinois, I would have looked at you like you should be institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital. Then I got to know a few through my work as a behavior consultant, fell in […]

Euthanasia Counselling – Helping Clients Through Difficult Times

This is a summary of my Association of Professional Dog Trainers short presentation, given at the 2013 conference in Spokane, Wa. In this blog, I will not discuss what circumstances may lead us to recommend euthanasia for a client or as a result of a behavior assessment, but instead, I will discuss how to help […]