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My Life with a Malinois

My name is Sarah, and I have a Belgian Malinois. If you had asked me 5 years ago if I would own a Malinois, I would have looked at you like you should be institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital. Then I got to know a few through my work as a behavior consultant, fell in […]

The Contradictory Dog

  Contradict: 1. to assert the contrary of : take issue with 2. to imply the opposite or denial of I consistently meet this interesting group of dogs that I shall call the “contradictory dogs” – dogs who are beautifully obedient but have horrible behavior – human aggression, dog aggression, resource guarding – usually it’s […]

Remarkable Moments

No matter how rotten you may think your dog is – pulling on leash, barking, bouncing, jumping up on people – I guarantee that there are remarkable moments throughout your day with your dog. What are remarkable moments?  Moments of desirable behavior, no matter how brief, that we can mark and reward (aka mark and […]

The Case Of The Poisoned Cue

Aka Sometimes It’s Easier To Train The Dog Than The Guardian As a dog trainer/ behavior consultant type, I hate poisoned cues.  I see them all the time in my clients’ dogs, and I wish people would think before they go about teaching their dogs a new cue – how are they teaching that cue?  […]

Extrinsic Vs Intrinsic Reinforcement

We all know a dog that just loves to bark – bark, bark, bark, bark, bark.  He or she does everything with a bark and a woof.  I will also admit that barking is my pet peeve – I don’t mind if dogs bark when someone comes to the door or if little Timmy fell […]

Operant Conditioning – The Positive and the Negative

I’m constantly asked by people “If I reward the good behavior and punish the bad behavior, won’t I get what I’m looking for quicker?”.  The answer is NO!  I know, it seems to throw rocks in the face of common sense, but when did learning theory become about common sense?  Check Your Morals at the […]