Baby Steps to Success

One of the toughest things about dog training (or training any animal) is that the beginning of training rarely looks like the end product. Now, you can try starting at the end result and hammer your way into what you hope is close to that, or you can start small and work your way up. […]

What I Learned on my Mini-Mal Vacation

Last year I went on the ultimate Malinois vacation and returned home with Mulder. This year, it’s all about continuing education for us, so with the encouragement of my club members, I wrangled an extra day off of work and went to the PSA (Protection Sports Association) Nationals.  Two days of high level competition in […]

My Favourite Things

It’s that time of year – the holiday season is upon us!  And in the tradition of Oprah, I thought I would put together a short blog of my favourite dog things.  These are the perfect gifts for that discerning dog guardian on your list! First up – the leather leash with traffic handle, fondly […]

The Threat of Silence

This past week, Nicole Wilde wrote a great blog called “The Threat of Stillnes,” which talked about a behavior assessment on inter-species aggression.  The dog being tested was stiff and staring, which elicited numerous appeasement/stress signals from the decoy dog – lip licking, averting gaze and apprehension to move.  Often times, people think still dogs […]

Remarkable Moments

No matter how rotten you may think your dog is – pulling on leash, barking, bouncing, jumping up on people – I guarantee that there are remarkable moments throughout your day with your dog. What are remarkable moments?  Moments of desirable behavior, no matter how brief, that we can mark and reward (aka mark and […]

The Marlo Trust

A few months ago, my friend Allison contacted me with a great idea she had – Allison is full of good ideas.  She was an instrumental part of getting Breakfast Club up and running. She came up with the idea of The Marlo Trust – a trust that helps financially challenged dog guardians get qualified, […]

The Tip of the Iceberg

In October, I attended the Suzanne Clothier seminar in Calgary – a wicked good time!  I had seen Suzanne speak at the APDT conference the previous autumn in San Diego and loved her sense of humour, speaking style, and ability to convey insane amounts of scientific knowledge without jargon. In many of the exercises Suzanne […]

After Hours Club

Bad Dogs Gone Good Dog Training Services and Paw In Hand Pet Services are pleased to partner together to offer Sea to Sky residents the After Hours Club! Many of us have dogs that embarrass or frustrate us out on walks – whether they are barking and lunging at other dogs or crouching with tucked […]

Hanging With Maxine

Today I went to my local shelter to spend some time with Maxine – a Mastiff/ Shepherd cross that is just over a year old.  Maxine has spent about 2 months at the shelter and is getting bored and frustrated.  I heard she likes to learn, so off I went with clicker, treat pouch, mat […]

What Is Drive?

  At the beginning of May, I attended the annual PABA conference at the University of Guelph, and the weekend’s theme was “The Science of Working Dogs.”  Being a rather applied behavior analysis type of group, I was surprised at how often the word “drive” popped up over the weekend.   The notion of drive in […]