Bad Dogs Gone Good offers Dog Training & Behaviour Assessments,
Using Positive Training Methods and Behaviour Problem Solutions


 I have been very fortunate to collaborate with Sarah of Bad Dogs Gone Good Dog Training Services. I have referred clients who needed help with their dogs and the results have been outstanding. In some cases, we can combine behaviour therapy with behaviour modifying drugs to achieve our goals. My own personal dogs love working as decoy dogs at Breakfast Club, and now react to the sound of reactive dogs by looking at me for a reward. Talk about operant conditioning!  Dr. Ashley Danyluk, Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital


Our Specialized Services

Sarah Dykes, Dip DTBC, CDBC has over 10 years of experience working with dogs and their behavioral needs in a variety of environments, including shelters and veterinary clinics. Sarah’s coaching background allows her effectively assist dog owners in helping their dogs overcome behavior challenges.

Reactive Dog Classes

A.K.A. The Breakfast Club: Innovative, Supportive and Fun! A low stress way for owners and dogs to change reactivity and aggression to dogs and people. The Breakfast Club is individualized training in a group environment. All breeds welcome!

Behavior Consultations

Sarah Dykes is experienced in human aggression, owner directed aggression, dog/dog issues and separation anxiety. Get one-on-one help. She has performed hundred's of assessments on behalf of municipalities, shelters, animal control facilities, private rescues and private owners.

New Dog & Puppy  Privates

Having a new dog in your life can be overwhelming! Sarah can help you and your newly adopted dog or new puppy settle in to your relationship with three 1 hour training sessions, using clear communication and reward based training methods.