Dog Training Testimonials Stratford, St. Mary’s, London

 I have been very fortunate to collaborate with Sarah of Bad Dogs Gone Good Dog Training Services. I have referred clients who needed help with their dogs and the results have been outstanding. In some cases, we can combine behaviour therapy with behaviour modifying drugs to achieve our goals. My own personal dogs love working as decoy dogs at Breakfast Club, and now react to the sound of reactive dogs by looking at me for a reward. Talk about operant conditioning!  Dr. Ashley Danyluk, Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital

I enjoy Sarah’s classes because she takes her time with each dog, has a great schedule that works for everyone and she gives each of us specific home work after every class!'  'Sarah's classes are very relaxed, my self and my dog enjoy them very much. The support group is wonderful and I feel at ease when I come to class!'  'Best part of coming to class is to see all the great people and all the support everyone has to offer! Mia & Val

I did want to tell you about agility class though - because I couldn't have done it without the skills I've learned from you. I made sure we were the first ones there, went to the back of the room where there is a corner I could go around. When another dog came in Walt got lots of treats when he looked at them. If he got whiny we went around the corner and relaxed, then tried again. All four dogs came in that way with no drama! I honestly don't think I could have done a group class like that with so little stress without the things we've learned from you - so THANK YOU!!! Jennifer & Walter

I have had the pleasure of participating in Breakfast Club classes with my adopted Great Dane, Dixie. Dixie was highly reactive with strange dogs, and walks were frequently stressful if we encountered other dogs.

Attending Sarah's personalized classes, I learned strategies that have not only allowed me to build Dixie's confidence around other dogs, but to do so in a fun, positive, and low-stress manner for both of us! As well, learning "getaways" has allowed us to circumvent potentially tricky situations with off leash dogs. For Dixie, every training session is an opportunity to have fun and enjoy interactive games with me.

Not only is Sarah a highly-educated professional with a strong theoretical background, but she is also a lovely, compassionate person who excels at assisting guardians to build better relationships with their dogs. As a veterinary student, I look forward to recommending Sarah to clients seeking positive, science-based training methods for their dogs' behaviour issues.Caitlin & Dixie

Sarahs classes are very unique and supportive. Each dog/owner is given individual attention and works on the specific issues they're having. It is much more fun than a traditional reactive dog class, and also more effective! It is amazing to see how the dogs relax and truely enjoy learning using Sarahs techniques. Kayte & Maggie

Sarah's  down-to-earth positive training methods have immensely increased Mr. Beefcake's confidence level and reduced his fear of "the world".  Her customized training plans and her professional, respectful treatment of both the dog and the handler enables her classes to be fun and successful at the same time! With her help, there is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Beefcake will achieve his CGN.Arlene & Beef

 These training sessions have been working for her so well, as you can see 🙂 I can see the difference on our walks, too. I get what you’re saying about her naughty behaviour being good, too. My initial reaction is to stop her from doing it, but it’s so true that it shows how much she’s relaxed and is just being her chatty self. She would never act like that outside before. Thanks so much for all your work with her! Erin & Bully Buddies foster dog, Bella

 I did want to tell you that the day after last week's class, Rocky and I came face to face with a huge dog who was on-leash, and I gave Rocky treats, made him sit, and he didn't lunge or bark. He was great! We couldn't practice our quick getaway because there was no room to turn (it was a tiny path), but he was very well-behaved. We haven't run into any dogs since, but have seen a bunch from a distance -- so when Rocky starts pulling I've turned him away and told him he's good, given him treats and he seems to calm down. We look forward to our next class! Thanks, Sarah!Krista & Rocky

Both Kevin and I wanted to thank you for coming out to work with us and putting together a plan for Jake so we were able to help him figure out that the car isn't a scary place.  So thank you once again!Jenna, Kevin and Jake