Learning from the nose

We all know that a dog’s nose is powerful – it is his number one sense  to interpret his world. Dogs can smell up to 100,000 times better than a human – they have 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, versus our measly 6 million. And the part of the dog’s brain that is […]

The Summer of Bites

Anyone in any type of dog related activity will have recently had a newsfeed full of eye-popping headlines about dog attacks – after a string of injuries and 1 death involving alleged pit bulls, the powers that be are at it again, batting about breed specific legislation and why our four legged friends (specifically, those […]

My Favourite Things

It’s that time of year – the holiday season is upon us!  And in the tradition of Oprah, I thought I would put together a short blog of my favourite dog things.  These are the perfect gifts for that discerning dog guardian on your list! First up – the leather leash with traffic handle, fondly […]

There’s Something About Pit Bulls

Pit bulls have been back in the news again here in British Columbia – over the summer, there were three highly publicized bites to children, which has since brought back the breed debate – should there be legislation against pit bull ownership?  Are they inherently dangerous? The media reports are filled with emotionally laden terminology […]

Positive Training for Pit Bulls!

I love having adoptable dogs attend my training classes – it’s a great opportunity for them to get more exposure and improve on various behaviors so that they are more likely to find that perfect forever home. You can imagine my delight when Julie, from HugABull, came with her superstar foster mom, Brigit.  Brigit had […]

The Heart Dog

I think like most dog trainer-types, I got into dog training when I adopted my very first dog on my own.  Sure, I had grown up with dogs and other animals, but it’s different when your dog is all yours.  It’s especially different when you decide to take a risk on the skinny, square-ish headed, […]