Behavior Problem? See Your Veterinarian!

It was many years ago when I was faced with my first dog’s first behaviour problem – separation anxiety. We had moved into a new place, on our own for the first time, and Carmac learned to open the windows and let himself out to find friends. Thank goodness I lived in a small town […]

Shorty’s Guide To A New Brother

(aka: Introducing Your Reactive/Dog Selective Dog to a New Dog In The Home) If you read my last blog, you’ll see that prior to adding Mulder, the Malinois, to the home, I had put in A LOT of work with Shorty around other dogs – we were going on group walks, group hikes, and having […]

Shorty’s Guide to Making Friends

I constantly see posts online asking about how reactive dogs can become friends with other dogs – what do you do?  How do you do it? How long does it take? and so on. While every dog is different and the process for every dog is going to be unique, I wanted to write about […]

Learning from the nose

We all know that a dog’s nose is powerful – it is his number one sense  to interpret his world. Dogs can smell up to 100,000 times better than a human – they have 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, versus our measly 6 million. And the part of the dog’s brain that is […]

When A “Positive” Trainer Goes to the Dark Side

Nothing sparks greater internet debates amongst dog people than training methods – are you force free, are you purely positive, do you use aversives, are you pack theory or dominance theory? We have a label for every type of trainer imaginable, and all of these labels carry a lot of emotion. I was judgmental and […]

The Isolation of Behaviour Problems

Having a dog is supposed to do all sorts of wonderful things for us – reduce stress, increase exercise, increase social interactions, and generally make life better. But what happens when your dog has a behavior problem? We endlessly talk about managing behavior problems, where they may stem from, how to improve them, but we […]

When Socialization Goes Astray

Years ago (I’m talking 70’s/80’s), puppies didn’t go to classes or really see much of world until they were finished their first series of vaccinations. Puppies weren’t getting out until they were 4 months of age or older, and us smarty pants in 2017 know that the critical socialization window has closed by this age […]

Hazardous Howlidays

This time of year is typically slow for me – everyone is busy preparing for the holidays, and no one is thinking about their dogs’ behaviour problems.  We’re busy with presents, parties, concerts and planning for days off.  However, once Christmas passes, I tend to be inundated with requests for training because of bites over […]

When will my dog be fixed?

I got together today with awesome friend and colleague, Elizabeth, for a little bit of shop talk.  One of the common issues we found between us is our clients’ desires for wanting their dogs’ behaviour problems fixed now.  In one session.  And after that session, they will never have to train their dogs again. Even […]

Hallways, Elevators and Stairwells – Oh My!

How to navigate your apartment building with your dog When I was moving out of Whistler and selecting a place for my dogs and I to live, my options were limited to basement suites or apartments/condos that were ground floor with direct access to the outside world. There was no way I was going to […]