Sarah has performed hundreds of dog behaviour assessments in Vancouver BC and throughout all of British Columbia on behalf of municipalities, shelters, animal control facilities, private rescues and private owners. If you are uncertain about the safety of your dog or the suitability of your dog in your home, a behaviour assessment with Sarah may provide you information to help you make your decision. Behaviour assessments are typically conducted at your home or facility, and you will receive a written report of your dog’s behaviour during the assessment as well as Sarah’s recommendations.

Behaviour assessments start at $160.

Please Contact Sarah or call 226-236-4917  to schedule an assessment and get more information.




Day Training

After your initial behavior consultation, Sarah will help you decide what sort of training package will best help resolve your dog’s behavior problems. Day training may be a part of this – Sarah comes to your home and works with your dog while you are out at work. While your involvement in training is one of the most important aspects of success in changing your dog’s problem behavior, Sarah can help expedite that process by working with your dog and “warming” him up for your after work training time. Plus, your dog gets a mid-day visitor and outing, if that is suitable for his training.

Day training rates will be part of your training package and will be discussed during or after your initial consultation, if day training is something you may be interested in.

Contact Sarah to book an initial private consultation in which she will meet with you and your dog to assess your dog’s behaviour and help you figure out which training package will help you get the best results for your dog’s problem behaviour.