Reactive Dog Classes offer a low stress way for owners and dogs to change reactivity and aggression to dogs and people.

Get Individualized Training in a Group Environment.

It is a class for dogs that are reactive to a variety of stimuli - it is also affectionately called "The Breakfast Club" and is Sarah’s most popular class. It is a great source of support, troubleshooting, and humour.
The Breakfast Club is able to address nearly all forms of reactivity, from dogs to humans to skateboards, and we are also able to address lack of confidence, impulse control, and anxiety. It aims to address the whole dog.

How It Works

Prior to Breakfast Club, all dogs must have an initial consultation to determine suitability for class.

Burley and Gus working on focus

Each dog gets at least two 15 minute “working” spots – this is time where the challenging scenario is set up, but the dog is kept below it's threshold.

Using scientific and fun training methods, we work towards either changing your dog’s emotional response or training incompatible behaviors.

Your dog gets a break between turns, and most students find it helpful to watch other dog’s training sessions.

If suitable, students and their dogs will also assist other teams in their training sessions.

Breakfast Club is available dependent on the number of dogs interested in attending due to its format.

It all started because..... Sarah originally got the idea for Breakfast Club from Pam Dennison’s book Bringing Light to Shadow (highly recommended reading) and put together the classes at the urging of her friend.  Sarah’s friend has a rather special dog, Marlo, that did not excel in traditional classes – he either shut down or displayed a great deal of reactivity. Marlo was in desperate need of practicing his manners around other dogs, so Sarah organized a group of people and dogs to meet early every Sunday so that Marlo could get in some practice in safe and controlled situations.


Contact Sarah to book an initial private consultation in which she will meet with you and your dog to assess your dog’s behaviour and help you figure out which training package will help you get the best results for your dog’s problem behaviour.

Who Is The Breakfast Club Good For?
Dogs who are reactive to other dogs, people, skateboards, bikes, and other environmental stimuli. All breeds welcome!

What It’s All About:
We strive to keep the dogs below their reactivity threshold so that learning is still able to occur.

When Classes Are Held:
Contact Sarah for class schedules.

Where We Offer Classes:
In the Stratford, St. Mary's and London area. Contact Sarah for more Info.

Why You Should Come:
You are not alone! Breakfast Club is a great way for both dogs and their guardians to socialize with others in a low stress setting.

A big bonus of Breakfast Club is meeting other dog owners who are coping with similar issues. Between turns, there is ample opportunity for support, troubleshooting, and humour.


Radar and Melissa